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اثر پائولو کوئیلو از انتشارات ذهن آویز - مترجم: مسیحا برزگر-ادبیات داستانی

How do we find the courage to always be true to ourselves—even if we are unsure of who we are? That is the central question of international bestselling author Paulo Coelho’s profound new work, The Witch of Portobello. It is the story of a mysterious woman named Athena, told by the many who knew her well—or hardly at all. The novel unravels Athenas mysterious beginnings, via an orphanage in Romania, to a childhood in Beirut. When war breaks out, her adoptive family move with her to London, where a dramatic turn of events occurs... Like The Alchemist, The Witch of Portobello is the kind of story that will transform the way readers think about love, passion, joy, and sacrifice.

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Am avut răbdare să citesc doar 50 de pagini, din care am rămas doar cu un citat bun (@Dacă există vreo consolare în tragedia de a pierde pe cineva mult iubit, aceasta e speranța, întotdeauna necesară, că probabil a fost mai bine aș[email protected]). Coelho este genul de autor pe care îl citești cu creionul în mână, să subliniezi pasaje, tocmai de aceea îmi și place atât de mult stilul lui. Însă cartea asta, de la care aveam mari așteptări, mai ales după descriere(Transilvania!), m-a dezamăgit profund. Ori vin eu după o lectură foarte bună, ori cartea asta nu are sens. Niște păreri aruncate despre o anumită Atena, niște gânduri pe seama divinității și descoperirii de sine, niște @[email protected] cu care nu există nicio legătură, o intrigă care lipsește cu desăvârșire, clar nu e genul meu de carte.

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This was a truly weird book. I mean i totally get the spirituality aspect of all this but it utterly did not make any sense.

I liked the writing style, the different pov and interviews by different people, that was very creative but the whole trances and Hagia Sophia and dances were very very confusing and unconventional and out if respect for other peoples opinions i would say that it was just weird to explore the feminine side of god and the divinity of human beings.

مشاهده لینک اصلی
Mystisch,speziell,einfach toll
Was macht eine Hexe heute aus? Eine Frau die mehr will als nur das alltägliche? Eine Frau die auf die Mutter Erde hört, den Wind geniesst, ihrer Intuition folgt? wenn das so ist bin ich eine Hexe ..
@ Vor mir lagen zwei Strassen, ich wählte die am wenigsten begangene und genau das macht den [email protected]
Alles andere ist ja auch langweilig ... ich finde das Buch super!!
Aber um was geht es den genau?
Die Heldin seines Romans ist eine junge Rumänin, die als Kind von libanesischen Christen adoptiert wurde. Nun lebt sie in London, durch das Tanzen entdeckt sie ihre Innere Kraft, sie folgt ihrer Bestimmung und die Welt öffnet ihr neue Pespektiven ..
Was macht eine Hexe heute aus? Für Paulo Coelho ist sie eine Grenzgängerin zwischen den Welten, mit seherischen und heilenden Fähigkeiten. Die Heldin seines neuen Romans ist eine junge Rumänin, die als Kind von libanesischen Christen adoptiert wurde. Jetzt wohnt sie in London und führt dort das Leben einer modernen, erfolgreichen jungen Frau. Durch das Tanzen entdeckt sie plötzlich übernatürliche Kräfte in sich, die sie zutiefst verstören. Und nicht nur sie. Unerschrocken folgt sie jedoch ihrer Bestimmung und lernt, ihr Potential zu nutzen.

Die Geschichte ist fesselnd zu lesen, wenngleich sie sich schwer in einem Rutsch lesen lässt. Zuviel regt zum Nach- und Überdenken ein. Unterschiedliche Meinungen prallen aufeinander, je nachdem wer in diesem Buch gerade zu Wort kommt. Von Anfang an wird deutlich gemacht, dass am Ende dieser Geschichte etwas @[email protected] wird. Doch was wird das sein?

مشاهده لینک اصلی
--update after finish--
My problem when reading Coelhos is, except for The Pilgrimage (the first Coelhos I read) and The Alchemist, I always got a strong impression that the author was trying hard to convey some wisdom. As if the author knew - too much - that the readers had expected to learn something from his books, and that he tried to fulfill this expectation.
Even in this book, although I like very much the way different people told their perspectives about Athena. But how come that in these dialogues, no matter who was doing the conversation at that time, there was always one side who was wise and able to put his / her wise thought into perfect sentences?
As far as I remember, The Alchemist was the only one (from those I have read) that was told in a different way. Any wisdom was embedded in the story, flowing with the characters adventures till the end of the book. Perhaps I should read it again, to confirm this impression.

--update till page 108--
A compilation of unoriginal wisdom :( Though the way the stories and the main character are told from different perspective (by different people) is quite good.

kenapa susah sekali menyelesaikan novel satu ini... duh

مشاهده لینک اصلی
Not what I thought it was going to be at all. To be honest, I thought the book was borderline creepy. Just that so many people could pledge themselves to a charismatic stranger, I find unnerving. I guess this work just addresses the quest that every human being makes during his or her lifetime to come in contact with spirituality; just in a weird, non-relatable way for me. All the characters just seemed so gullible. Its as though they were just all so spiritually lost, that they were grasping for ANYTHING, that when Athena came along with a bit of fabricated confidence and leadership it was enough to create a cult. I would have appreciated a little bit more realistic skepticism; but I guess we WERE dealing with actors and writers and shrinks, were we not? :) I did enjoy the book being told from different peoples points of view (which I think makes it difficult to listen to as an audio book). I also enjoyed the twist ending -- it really made the book worthy reading for me. I recommend that if anyone is discussing this at a book club, the discussion should be opened with a dancing session where everyone dances against the rhythm of the music :).

مشاهده لینک اصلی
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